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Specializing in insolvency and complex commercial matters since 1974

Firm Begins Fortieth Year Of Providing Legal Advice And Representation - July 16, 2013

The firm, then known as Stichter & Stagg, P.A. officially opened on July 15, 1974, with Don M. Stichter, C. Lawrence Stagg, and Harley Riedel as the initial lawyers. The firm changed its name to Stichter, Stagg, Hoyt, Riedel & Fogarty, P.A. in 1976 and then to Stichter & Riedel, P.A. in 1979. Many people have contributed to the firm’s success over the years. In addition to Messrs. Stichter and Riedel, the employees who have been with the firm for more than 20 years and who have contributed, and continue to contribute, to the firm’s efforts to provide the highest level of professional representation to clients, to practice law to the highest standards of professionalism, and to maintain a wonderful work environment are:

  • Adrienne Napoli – 37 years
  • Joanne Ratliff - 32 years
  • Russell M. Blain – 28 years
  • Hilda Portales Sills - 27 years
  • Susan McKee - 27 years
  • Scott A. Stichter - 26 years
  • Mary Brown - 23 years
  • Sandi Hampton - 23 years
  • Charles A. Postler - 21 years
  • Denise Clark - 21 years
  • Steven R. Leslie - 20 years

The firm would also like to acknowledge its debt to Janice Kimbro, the firm administrator until retirement in 2006, and to Richard C. Prosser (now Of Counsel) who joined the firm in 1990.