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Stichter, Riedel Represents Outback Steakhouse, Inc. In Successful Acquisition Of Designation Rights In Bankruptcy Auction Of Chi-Chi’s, Inc. Leases - May 2005 

The firm represented Outback Steakhouse in an auction in the Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware to acquire designation rights to seventy-six restaurant properties which had been formerly operated by Chi-Chi’s as Mexican restaurants. The Delaware Bankruptcy Court entered an order approving Outback Steakhouse’s $42.5 million bid to acquire such designation rights. The firm represented Outback Steakhouse with respect to its efforts to acquire these designation rights. Since the entry of the Bankruptcy Court’s order, the firm has continued to represent Outback Steakhouse with respect to (a) two sub-designation agreements for portions of those properties and (b) litigation involving several disputes with landlords and with the owner of fifteen sale/leaseback properties.i