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State Court Judgment Dismissing $15 Million Dollar Negligent Misrepresentation Claim Against Manager Of Condo Converter And Officer Of Manager Becomes Final – August 17, 2012

The Second DCA affirmed (per curiam) the appeal from Judge James Barton’s opinion dismissing with prejudice a $15 million dollar negligent misrepresentation claim brought by the condominium association against the manager of a condo converter and an officer of the manager for failing to disclose alleged defects in the condition of an apartment complex which was converted to condominiums. Had the claim been permitted to stand, it would have expanded the duty of disclosure in real estate transactions as well as the scope of liability under Section 552 of the Restatement of Torts, and turned the doctrines of corporate separateness and veil piercing on their head. The Villas Condominiums Association, Inc., v. Villas Funding Company, Inc., et al., Case No.: 2D11-4319. Barbara Hart briefed the matter and Amy Denton Harris handled the appeal.